Contribute to Wave Runup Model for West Maui

The following was shared by Tara Owens from UH Seagrant here on Maui on behalf of the UH and PacIOOS team working to improve the wave runup model for West Maui:

“We have a very large north-northwest (350 degree) swell AND a medium-large south swell coming from 12/4-12/6 (Saturday to Monday).
The direction of the north swell creates potential for high wave run-up and associated impacts in the West Maui region. And we may also have combined effects from both swells.
If you are in the West Maui region anytime this weekend, please capture photos of high wave activity or impacts. Although it is hard to predict exactly, the best photo times may be at peak swell on 12/4 (Saturday evening) or at peak tides early in the mornings of 12/4-12/6.
Our photo collection website makes it easy to capture photos directly from your mobile phone, or upload photos later from your computer. Go to:
As always, thanks to everyone who has submitted photos so far.  We cannot overstate how important the photos are.  Please feel free to share this email with friends and family in West Maui.”