The 2021 City Nature Challenge Starts on Maui Today!

Makawao Forest Mushrooms

While some of the cities participating in this year’s CNC started nearly a day ago (it’s that date line thing at work), the event here on Maui is finally live.  If you’d like to join in, it is as easy as downloading the iNaturalist or Seek app and making an observation.  Any observation made on Maui between now and Monday, May 3 at midnight will be included in the CNC tally.  If you’d like to get more background on the CNC, their main page is

Reminder – Look for Wildlife!!

Even though we are exploring nature at home, we are still looking for wildlife, not planted or domesticated animals. If you (or your kids) do want to make these sorts of observations, make sure you mark them as captured/cultivated on your observation.

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