City Nature Challenge 2020 is coming to Maui

[ok, full disclosure, we don’t really have buildings like this on Maui…. 😉 ]

We are again organizing the City Nature Challenge on Maui, this time for April 2020.   The event participants will use the iNaturalist app or desktop program to record observations of plants and wildlife anywhere on Maui and help crowd source identifications for those observations. The event will start 12:01 AM (local time)  on Friday April 24 and go until 11:59 PM on Monday April 27. After the observation portion of the event, we will encourage participants to help identify unknowns or to improve or verify observations made by other participants.  To count as a contribution, three people need to agree on an identification – the minimum required for a ‘verified/research grade’ observation on iNaturalist.  If you’ve never tried a community science project before, this is a great chance to try it out! Look for events posted here and on our meetup page. If you are already an iNaturalist user, please “join” the event here: