? Rising Water, Tides, & Waves ? – Citizen Science Projects on Maui

Climate change is driving a rise in sea levels that are already having negative effects on coastal environments and infrastructure. The Pacific-wide King Tides project and the Maui-Specific West Maui Wave Run-up Forecast Validation are two citizen science projects that need your help. In both cases, scientists are looking for volunteers to take photographs of wave/tide generated effects on the coastal environment.

The Pacific Islands King Tides project is looking at the impacts wave and tide action during maximal “king” tides. This summer we will see king tides during July 2 and 3 and a second event during July 31 and August 1. Scientists need images of how high waves are reaching up the beach as well as any impacts to coastline and coastal infrastructure during the high tide periods. Get more details about how to participate at Pacific Island King Tides website.

The West Maui Wave Run-up Forecast Validation project is seeking to validate a predictive model that will better provide warning of extreme wave events. The project is being run by PacIOOS and an interactive viewer lets you explore images that have been submitted to date. Researchers are looking for images of wave that are topping over beach features or causing damage to coastal infrastructure.

For both of these projects, citizen scientists (i.e. you) can upload images taken with a mobile phone or with a digital camera. For further details about the process and both projects, click on the docs below.

West Maui Forecast Pacific Island King Tides Mobile Phone Upload Instructions

Another “cool tool” that you might want to check out, is rising sea level is of interest, is the the Hawai’i Sea Level Rise Viewer. Check out how passive flooding, storm surge and erosion are likely to affect our coastlines under sea level rise of 0.5 feet to 3 feet higher than present levels.