City Nature Challenge 2019: MAUI (It’s Back!)

We are pleased to be helping to organize the 2019 City Nature Challenge (CNC) for a second year here on Maui. The CNC is a friendly, global challenge among cities to see who has the most biodiversity. Started between Los Angeles and California, it  went international last year and continues to add cities across the globe.

This year the observing portion of the event will run from April 26-29, 2019. You may also contribute identifications or verifications to project observations any time between April 26 and May 5.  So, even if you can’t help observe things on Maui, you can still participate in the verify and identify aspects!



We are organizing events on the meetup platform that you can sign up for here:  If you can’t make it, you can go at it alone or with some friends at any time by downloading the iNaturalist app on you smartphone or computer (visit

We are posting updates on our blog and to our social media accounts:


Instagram: @cncmaui

Twitter: @cncmaui

Below is a short overview of what the CNC is all about – it’s an opportunity to help advance science by taking pictures of living things and post them on your phone or on the iNaturalist website.

How easy is it to use iNaturalist to record you observations? Super easy! The video below will show you how that works on a phone in less than 90 seconds! (Using a computer, scroll down to the next video!)

And here is how it works on a computer: